thanks for the replies guys! good ideas! 

My senior quote is due soon…and I have no idea what to do!

Anyone have a favorite quote by a Packer to share?

honestly i hate both the seahawks and the niners, except i hate the niners more. 



i guess.

lol at my friends bitching about the seahawks, their fans, and the refs

sorry i’m just not sorry at all


Let’s keep things in perspective.

The team spent almost half the season without their number one player, the core of the team, and the dude who sets the tone for the entire offense.

They also spent half the season without their number one defensive player, as well.

They spent the entire season battling various injuries, some of them life threatening (Finley, remember that?).

They had three replacement QBs, one of whom fell apart one play into his first start. One might have well have been a rookie, and the other one had to relearn an entire team on the fly in less than a week’s time.

Considering that they had everything against them this year, the fact they got this close is awesome.

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Heyyyyy there we can’t place the blame on Hyde! Yes, that one play could have changed the game. Many others could have as well. And the refs could have. We can’t blame it all on Hyde. 

I actually feel bad for ignorant fair weather fans.

I know that’s not really right to say, but I am. Because really having a knowledge of football and following a team through good times and bad is actually a truly great experience. Yeah, the bad times are frustrating as fuck, but that’s okay. But the good times are so much better. I can’t even explain to you the high I felt when we won the Super Bowl in 2010. It was the best day of my life. I just love my team. I’m not saying this is a “bad time” right now, because it isn’t at all. I’m just having a thought and babbling about it. I don’t know.



PS Go Seahawks ;)

guys, i’m really worried about going to school tomorrow 

there are going to be so many “niners fans”

i’m worried i’m going to punch someone


*sigh* Alright, I need a couple days to mourn.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m so proud of my boys. We made it to the play offs despite our season and we didn’t just hand this game over to the 9ers. We gave them one hell of a fight. We played better than I’ve seen in awhile and yeah, there’s a lot to work on this offseason but that was a damn close game. We showed the haters why we earned that play off spot!